Will it be the end of Congress Party from Indian Politics?


The 60 years of Congress rule is slowly fading away from India and it has been clearly found in the 2016 assembly elections. According to the assembly results 2016, congress has lost their supports from Assam and Kerala. After this result, congress now has power to rule only over six states out of 30 and those are:

  • Uttarakhand
  • Karnataka
  • Meghalaya
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Manipur and
  • Mizoram

Though Congress has had returned to power in Pondicherry, it will have no significance over the state as it’s the time for “All India N Rangaswamy Congress or commonly known as AINRC” in Pondicherry.

AINRC is a separated Congress party from its parent branch which is standing alone to battle with national political parties. Earlier days, Congress got strong back support from DMK to fight with the parties, but today it has reduced. Among these six states, Karnataka is only one of the state’s available with importance, considerable size, and politics.

2016′ Assembly Polls Results:

This year is not at all for congress as the assembly results say congress has the lowest supporters in 2016. This is definitely a huge shock for the entire congress party. The 2014’s statistic report says that Modi-led BJP government has more MLAs compared to Congress since Independence.

These results and facts of Indian politics have forced us to think “Is India will be Congress Mukta.” It’s not only the dream of our loved and motivator Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi but is the dream of almost every citizen of India.

Proof of Congress-Mukt Bharat:

There were many campaigning started across nationwide previously calling for a Congress – mukt Bharat, but the first heard by people in 2014 when BJP stands out of the crowd to say it loud. After Modi government come into power, many allegations, scams and cases came into viewpoint against Congress.

Also, many Congress party members are continuously getting bad press on incompetence, corruption, lack of delivery and other problems. These results show that Congress doesn’t have vitality and energy to penetrate in the states wherein it has had a ground presence in earlier days.

Though there are many states like Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh including Chhattisgarh got relief from Congress rule, slowly other states are also losing their hopes from Congress power. Probably, citizens of India will soon to witness the abolishment of Congress party from the Indian politics.

If we talk about outside politics, then also you will find Congress in struggling to maintain its reputation, but couldn’t able to do that. So, it will be not wrong to say that soon Modi’s dream of Congress-mukt Bharat is slowly turning into reality.

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