Who Rules Over Bihar? NDA or Mahagathbandhan!

Exit Poll

The declaration of the fifth phase of polling on Thursday has certainly got thriller for its results. The five phase vote in Bihar, which had started in October and finally ended on Thursday, the results will be counted and revealed on Sunday.

The long run ministers had poured great effort into their party campaign for many days. Now waiting for the results, the ministers are not ready to comment on any predictions. It is likely that everyone would long to win, but the curtains would be raised up finally on Sunday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had been campaigning extensively for days for the BJP party alliances. Staying not behind, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar with his former rival Lalu Prasad Yadav combined with Congress for blocking advantages of BJP for PM’s popularity.

Suspense Would Be Revealed On Sunday

The Bihar exit polls are likely to be in a suspense situation, as the hints of possible outcomes define for all like Hung Assembly, NDA sweep and Mahagathbandhan Victory. With these possible outcomes, no party is in a mood of celebrating. At Thursday night, with the exit poll results, at BJP office it was marked some few vehicles and few men, at the RJD office darkness had enveloped the surrounding and at JD (U) office it was silent.

The thrilling and suspense atmosphere all around the party office is even reflected in the top leaders of the parties. After the declaration of the confusing exit polls, BJP leader Amit Shah and JD (U) leader Nitish Kumar both were completely silent and appeared as they were waiting for the result declaration on Sunday. As usual, RJD leader Lalu Prasad Yadav reflected his optimism characteristics and claimed to win Bihar Assembly with 190 seats out of 243.

Bihar is waiting for Sunday to find the ruler, with a complete suspense the leader are counting on every second till Sunday.

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