VPNs to the Rescue of Pokémon Go’s Fan in India

VPNs to the Rescue of Pokémon Go’s Fan in India

The craze of reality game Pokémon Go is kept on hiking gradually since its release on 6th August. Pokémon mania has seen in all most every country in the world, dominating the global gaming sector and the stock market with a faster pace.

After taking over the game area of almost 30 countries of the world, the game recently arrived in India, making a thousand gamers out for searching the virtual creature. But the launch is not officially done, and as it is non-official, people are using VPNs to catch their animal and play the game.

After a long waiting, the game Pokémon Go finally came in India. Though it is non-official, yet it has hooked up millions of people. The argument reality game has created a gaming storm all across the world, by hiking the market share of its founder company only in two weeks.

As it is unauthorized for Indian Territory, Pokémon Fans are changing their location using Virtual Private Network (VPN) to catch Pokémon in New York and London, sitting in India.

Key Highlights about Pokémon on VPN

  • Through Virtual Private Network or VPN, a person can change his virtual location by hacking another location tag, and this has exactly happened to Pokémon Fans.
  • By Using Virtual Private Network (VPN), the fans are hacking or changing their Indian location to the networks of New York or London and download the game ‘Pokémon Go’.
  • Simply saying, Indian gamers and Pokémon Go passionate people are using the trick of hacking links or accounts related to the app stores of U.S. or U.K to download the game and play them in the UK or US’s location by sitting in India.
  • According to a study on the craze of Pokémon Go in India, gamers are spending daily 4-6 hours for searching virtual Pokémon in parks, streets, and other public places.
  • A 21 years old student Siddhant Tyagi has caught all four starters of Pokemon like Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander and Pikachu while playing the game through VPN.

Only two Asian countries Japan and Hong Kong only have this game officially and the rest including India are in the queue for getting this global phenomenon in their hand. However, according to Nintendo, the source company of Pokemon Go, they are planning to launch the game in other countries soon. However, a particular launching date is still awaited.

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