Volkswagen Sued By U.S Franchise Dealers for Diesel-Scandal Losses


The Volkswagen owners of three franchise dealers have accused the car maker of to fraud. This fraud is for installing the pollution control cheating devices in the brand’s diesel vehicles. This sticks them with continuous loss as they fail to fix the problem. A lawsuit has been filed on Wednesday by the three dealers in Florida and Illinois. These dealerships are owned by the family of ED Napleton that seeks to represent all of the Volkswagen franchise dealers in the US class action.

Some of the Facts with The Legal Suit On Volkswagen

  • According to the Lawyers of Napleton a suit is filed in the Chicago Federal Court at first by the franchise dealer for the diesel-cheating scandal.
  • This monumental fraud is regarded as one of the most significant environmental crime as stated by the dealers in the complaint.
  • As per the complaints of the dealers, this crime or fraud has resulted in creating great harm to them.
  • The plaintiffs profits have been have been erased that has indeed created a great harm.
  • The value of the dealerships has been plummeted because of the inability to sell few numbers of vehicles that are affected.
  • A spokesman of Volkswagen, Eric Felber refused to comment on any case.
  • The AG of Volkswagen had admitted last year that the company had rigged diesel engines for about 11 million cars in world base.
  • For this the emission controls switched on while testing the vehicles.
  • These controls shut off while the vehicles were moving on road that increased the fuel efficiency and the performance.
  • This in result produced nitrogen oxide that polluted the environment exceeding the US legal standards.
  • The legal suits on the company includes from the consumers, rival dealers, used-car dealers and the US government.
  • Till now more than 600 lawsuits have been presented before one judge in San Francisco.

The Court Decides With Its Legal Orders about Volkswagen and Its Issues

  • The Judge has given a deadline until April 21 to Volkswagen to present a concrete and detailed proposal about the process to fix the vehicles having problems or the affected vehicles.
  • The US District Judge who is overseeing the litigations, Charles Breyer is asked by the plaintiffs in the lawsuits for approval of the three classes-one for each consumer, the non-Volkswagen dealers and the Volkswagen resellers.
  • Report states that the rival franchise dealers have claimed for the loss of sales by the false advertisements of Volkswagen diesel models.

The Volkswagen Franchise dealers are regarded as the biggest looser as reported by the Lawyer of Napleton, Steve Berman.

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