Veerappan Movie : Veerappan Was Planning To Kidnap Superstar Rajinikanth, Says Ram Gopal Varma

Veerpan Movie

“South superstar Rajnikanth was planned to be get kidnapped by Veerappan, the bandit,” this controversial statement is recently concluded by Ram Gopal Verma or popular known as RGV. With such statement the director has again come up to the front side of controversies. As per the reports, RGV who is a critically acclaimed director is working on a film that is based on the life of the Sandalwood Tusker-Veerappan.

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Extensive Research on the Life Story of Veerappan Reveals Many Hidden Truths

  • RGV says as he is working on the film based on the bandit’s life he had done extensive research on the life of the most dangerous bandit.
  • The report published in Bombay Times states that a sequence is featured in the upcoming film that Veerappan had plotted a sketch for kidnapping the south superstar Rajnikanth.
  • The director reveals that this fact was learned by him from the close alias of the bandit Veerappan.
  • Veerappan had kidnapped the Kannad superstar Rajkumar, which isn’t a myth.
  • Director RGV had posted a tweet that Veerappan thought he was more popular than Superstar Rajnikanth, and he had once demanded the government to make a film based on his life.

Veerappan: None like Him Ever Existed, To Hit Theaters On 27th May

  • The film is titled Veerappan: None like Him Ever Existed, is focused on the bandit’s life that would reflect the various stages of his life.
  • The instance of the film features the Police operation-Operation Cocoon in which the most wanted Bandit was assassinated.
  • This movie stars Sandeep Bharadwaj, Sachiin J Joshi, Lisa Ray, Usha Jadhav.
  • The movie is planned to hit theaters on May 27th.
  • This movie is going to be the biggest showcase of manhunt in the history.
  • The life story of this Sandalwood Smuggler is narrated from the point of view of the persons who were involved in this encounter.
  • RGV has put a lot of effort in gathering the materials related to the smuggler from the interviews of the ex-gang members of the smuggler.
  • Related instances are even sourced from the persons who used to work as mediator between the dacoit and government.
  • RGV didn’t even leave the officers who were a part of the operation from sourcing the information.
  • Sachiin J Joshi is the producer of the film and even sharing his part on screen.
  • Sandeep Bharadwaj plays the character of Veerappan.
  • This movie is produced by Viiking Media and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
  • Few days to wait for featuring the assassination of the famous Sandalwood Smuggler-Veerappan!
  • This movie would certainly be enthralling as based on the true incidents of the bandit’s life.

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