Top 10 Brands in Automobile Known for Modernism and Innovation

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In the modern automotive sector, innovative automobiles are being designed by illustrious and giant companies. Nowadays, the cars drive themselves and hackathons can improve the sale-a-thons which is commendable in nature. In today’s world, the leaders of these innovative companies want to drive some changes in the conventional style of automobile manufacturing. The top ten such innovative companies are given below.

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The Top 10 Automobile Companies Known For Modernism and Innovation 

  1. TESLA

Tesla is well-known in the innovative section of automobile manufacturing that starts from long-range electric cars. It has become a swiftly expanding reality with the battery powered cars launched by the founder and CEO of Tesla Elon Musk. The Model S, Model X and all-electric luxury SUVs of this company are the examples of innovation.


Toyota also comes in this list because of its effort towards the development of hydrogen-powered cars that can be used by common people in near future. This illustrious automaker is all set to introduce this sedan segment for the people of California, Germany, and Japan this year.


Google is very popular when automobile innovation strikes to the mind because of the driverless cars. The prototype of this car has the top speed of 25 mph, and the company has been working on it for decades.


Embedded wireless connectivity in automobiles is the ground-breaking approach conceived by the General Motors. The company first implemented the 4G LTE wireless connectivity into the new models of cars of Buick, Cadillac, GMC and Chevrolet.


Most of the S-Class luxury edition of sedans developed by Mercedes-Benz has autonomous features that let the drivers stay relaxed as well as sit back in slow traffic. In a traffic jam, this feature allows taking over at 37 mph, steering, braking as well as accelerating, but without the help of the driver.

  1. HONDA

Honda is popular for its efficient crash tests and visualization technology. The 3D crash simulation helps the engineers to analyze the view of the crash from different angles.

  1. FORD

Ford has the best-selling automobile F-150 and the level of modernization in this company can be experienced by the light weight of its cars. The company introduced aluminum body panels instead of steel.

  1. APPLE

CarPlay system of Apple allows the drivers to integrate their iPhone to the infotainment screen of the car and with this; they can access all the functions of the iPhone.

  1. NAVDY

For enhanced level of safety, Navdy has come up with the head-up display that is mounted on the dashboards and with this; the drivers can keep their eyes perfectly on the road.


The 3-day hackathon by Edmunds is quite popular in the name of Hackomotive that has changed the traditional style of car buying style with more transparent pricing as well as history.

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