Theri : Shah Rukh and Rohit Rumours of Rift Comes To an End with the Latest Buzz


Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood’s Badshah or King Khan last year released Dilwale had gone down at the box office. This had ignited a rumour that a rift had sprouted in between the director Rohit Shetty and Shah Rukh Khan.

But putting this rumour to an end, the duos are fastening their belts and have joined their hands to work for the 3rd project. The duo is planning to remake a Tamil super-hit film ‘Theri.’ Theri’s remake in Hindi would expectedly be released in 2018.

Shah Rukh and Rohit with Their 3rd Project Brings End to the Rumours

  • If the latest buzz comes true, then it would be the third outing for the duo after Chennai Express in 2013 and Dilwale in 2015.
  • Dilwale that had released in 2015 was directed by the action director Rohit Shetty.
  • It starred Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon in respective characters.
  • The movie was released alongside of Bajirao Mastani and was unexpectedly not successful at the box office.
  • This had sprouted up a rumor that Shah Rukh and Rohit had split after the results.
  • Bringing this rumour to an end, the latest buzz reveals that both of them are getting prepared for their 3rd project with the remake of ‘Theri.’

Theri: The Super-Hit Tamil Film Released This Year

  • Theri is a super-Hit Tamil Film that had released this year in April.
  • Theri stars Tamil Superstar Vijay, who plays the role of a doting father.
  • Samantha and Amy Jackson are in the lead roles of the film.
  • In this movie, Vijay essays 3 characters for protecting his daughter.
  • Vijay plays the character of an honest and sincere DCP, who kills a minister’s son brutally for his involvement in a rape and subsequent death case.
  • The minister tries to kill Vijay and his family, from which Vijay and her daughter managed to escape, but his mother and wife were dead.
  • Hiding his identity, Vijay leads a peaceful life with his daughter in a different city until the minister again found him alive.
  • Vijay getting disguised as a ghost of DCP starts eliminating the henchmen of the minister and soon kills the minister even.
  • The Commissioner of Police reappoints Vijay in a secret mission for crime reduction, and Vijay continues it in the ghost form.

‘Theri’ is an emotional and action oriented film that Vijay plays with distinction supported by the other lead roles. It’s the time to wait eagerly for the next year to watch Shah Rukh Khan playing the character of a doting father in action with director Rohit Shetty.

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