The Jungle Book : Sequel Coming Soon After Successful Appreciation in Indian Market


Disney’s Jungle Book, the live-action adventure movie which had released last week and had imprinted a record as the second highest collecting movie in the first opening weekend. This movie directed by Jon Favreau had collected 40 crore as per records in the first three days in the Indian market. With the impressive success of the movie, the movie makers have planned out for Jungle Book’s sequel which is on its way.

Jungle Book – The Story of Indian Jungle Boy Mowgli, Written By Rudyard Kipling

  • The sequel to Jungle book is based on Rudyard Kipling’s classic which will be releasing this Friday in US.
  • The movie is in progress which is directed by Jon Favreau. This movie is successfully running in the theaters worldwide.
  • This movie based on the classic stories of Rudyard Kiplings features a young Boy named Mowgli, which is played by the Indian-American actor Neel Sethi.
  • This story tells the story of Mowgli, his friends who are the life-like animals and a bloodthirsty tiger.
  • Jungle Book is regarded as one of the biggest Hollywood movie that has incredibly gone hit in the country.
  • The Jungle Book movie was released in India in four different languages.
  • The story of Jungle Book is a story that comes straight from enchanting forest of India that was originally published in the year 1894.
  • Along with Neel, this film is supported by Bill Murray, Idris Elba, Ben Kingsley, Luptia Nyong, Christopher Walken and Scarlett Johansson’s voice.
  • Bollywood legends like Irrfan Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Om Puri, Nana Patekar and Shefali Shah have lent their magnificent voice for the characters in the movie which has made the movie in Hindi version lively.

The Team of Jungle Book Movie Eagerly Expects To Start another Chapter from The Book

  • As per the director’s words, he expressed his desires that, he would love to do the sequel of Jungle Book, which had been planned months back.
  • He is expecting the sequel of the movie to be a blockbuster as the first part has been accepted by the audiences magnificently.
  • With the expected returns from the movie, the entire team would be working to figure out more chapters from the book, which they would indeed love to work for.
  • The Jungle Book is a movie of realistic and computer generated imagery that makes every character lively.
  • The movie has successfully generated good reviews within the first week of release which was unexpectedly positive for the entire team involved with the movie.
  • It would be indeed fun to watch the sequel of Jungle Book, if not yet watched the movie then you should and eagerly awaits for the sequel.

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