The Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal Quit the Presidential Race

The American Governor, Bobby Jindal who was in the presidential race with his rising popularity has withdrawn from the race on Tuesday. Bobby Jindal was governor of Louisiana who was a popular Republican Star finally declared that he has realized it is not the time for landing in the presidential race. He withdrew his campaign for white house because of the fall in his popularity in his state. He surrendered from the race as he could find any hold with the degraded popularity.

Degraded Popularity Is One of the Reasons behind Withdrawing

Bobby Jindal had gathered lots of hope with the pull from behind victory at Iowa, which was helped by the conservative and evangelical voters but finally with the degraded popularity he withdrew. He concluded the media that he would not be successful in the crazy and unpredictable year. A lot of time is spent on developing the detailed policy papers, with the crazy and unpredictable election season there wasn’t any interest in the policy papers.

44 aged Bobby Jindal, who is about to leave his Governor office at this year’s end with the completion of his second term as a governor, said, he has not thought much about whom to support in the Republican Presidential Race. All the other candidates in the Republican presidential race rushed to praise Jindal through tweets and statements for his decision.

He lays his thought with the media as he quits Republican presidential race that, even though he quits the race, electing the right president to restore the American dream is the main obsession before it is late. The former Republican Governors Association chairman said to Bret Baier on the Fox News Channel while in an interview.

Fundraising for Presidential Campaign Was Very Low

Bobby Jindal faced difficulty in fundraising for his campaign as reported on 15th October. He had $261000 in his hand. His advisors agreed that the finance condition influenced his decision. They further clarified that their campaign had no debts. The main resource for elector campaign is money, and enough resources were not available for Booby Jindal as the other candidates had.

On October 13th, Jindal had said that they would win Iowa, and this can change the race. Lots of candidates will drop out, and the left out candidates are to be focused on in more. Jindal said that the politicians say they are going to be conservative and cut spending, but they don’t do it, then why should they be sent to DC.

Jindal was elected as the governor in 2007 at first, just after two years Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, with this he gained great popularity, but his popularity fell in his second term for fiscal crises and his out travels frequently. This has now impacted on his presidential race.

Bobby Jindal Presidential candidate

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