Salman Khan Hit-And-Run Case Verdict by High Court

Salman Khan

Bollywood actor Salman Khan acquitted in the hit and ran case 2002, as per the Bombay High Court, the prosecution failed in establishing the case against Salman Khan regarding all of the charges.

On Thursday the Actor was present in the court for a declaration of the verdict, the court has directed to furnish a fresh cash bond of Rs 25000 for the cancelation of the bond in trial court. Bandra Police Station has been ordered to return his passport after verification of the actor.

According to the report, Salman Khan’s car had rushed inside a bakery shop in the suburban area of Bandra on September 28th in the year 2002. In this mishap, four persons were severely injured, and one person was killed.

Declaration of the Bombay High Court While Passing Salman Khan’s Verdict-:

  • Salman Khan is released from all the charges as the Trial Court’s verdict produced by the prosecutor is canceled and set aside.
  • The charges accused against Salman Khan have failed to establish by the prosecution.
  • The burden to establish the guilt of the accused is on the prosecution that has to be done beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Failing to record the necessary recording evidence, important witnesses and omissions with contradictions as per the injured witness’s evidence create doubt regarding the involvement of Salman Khan in the charged offenses. In regards to such evidence by the prosecution, Salman can’t be convicted.
  • The conducted investigations have been done in a faulty manner having many loose ends which have benefited the accused to get the decision in his favor.
  • The prosecution failing to produce material evidence on the main aspects that Salman was drunk when driving is an offense of the accused.
  • The trial court made a mistake in accepting the “RAIN bar and restaurant” bill, where Salman had been before the mishap without any inquiry.

Justice A.R. Joshi said strong suspicion is not enough to hold someone guilty. The prosecution is failing to produce material in the record that would prove the case and its entire evidence made this case void. The produced evidence was not as per the criminal jurisprudence principles.

What Salman Khan Said About Verdict :-

I accept the decision of the judiciary with humility. I thank my family, friends & fans for their support & prayers .

Posted by Salman Khan on Thursday, December 10, 2015

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