Salman Khan Directed To Be Present In Jodhpur Court on 10 March

Salman Khan
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Jodhpur Court has notified superstar Salman Khan of B-Town to be positively present on 10th March in the court to record Salman’s statement in his Arms Act case.

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After verifying the prosecution evidence, the Jodhpur District Court of CJM has released the date of presence for Salman Khan on 10th March- said Salman’s advocate, Mr. Hastimal Saraswat.

Actor’s Counsel Filed an Application Regarding the Re-Examination of Former Dist. Collector:

  • The Jodhpur CJM, Mr. Dalpat Singh Rajpurohit, has straightaway dismissed the application filed by Salman’s advocate addressing the re-examination of the former Dist. Collector, Mr. Rajat Mishra.
  • He said countering the actor’s counsel that “The examination process of prosecution witness has already been completed, so it is heard by informed to the actor to be in Jodhpur court on 10th March positively.”
  • During the trials of Salman on Arms Act, it is the third time he has been asked to record his statement regarding the case- according to the earlier news sources.
  • Last year on 25th February, the court had given its verdicts for the case but was the results get postponed when the examination of four witnesses’ application got the green signal from Court.
  • After the examination process successfully carried out, actor Mr. Salman Khan has appeared in front of the local court on last year on 29th April.
  • After completion of re-examination on 3rd March, the counsel of the actor again filed an application for examining Mr. Rajat, which the court has not allowed and ordered Salman to be present in Jodhpur Court.

Apart from Salman Khan, his co-actors including Nabab Saif Ali Khan were also charged for poaching black bucks on 1st and 2nd October’98 night at the time of ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ film shooting.

The two black bucks were got hunt down on the Kankani village outskirts near Jodhpur. Salman is charged with carrying the hunting process and using illicit arms along with an expired license. Will 10th March’16 is the ‘Judgment Day’ for actor Salman or the date will again to be postponed. Stay tuned for further updates on this case!

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