Republican Presidential Front-Runner Calls Total Ban Of Muslims Entering To the US

The leading Republican presidential confident candidate Mr. Donald Trump has provoked the censure around the US political spectrum saying that entrance of Muslims into the US should be banned permanently.

Mr. Trump also said that “Many Muslims hates the US; therefore, they should be banned till US’s representatives figure out what is going on with them”. The campaign manager of Mr. Trump said that “It should be applicable for all (immigrants and tourists)”.

But Fox News has taken an exclusive interview with Mr. Trump where he said that “Excluding the residence of the US and the Muslims serving the US military as well will be excluded”. Justifying the 9/11 biggest deadliest terror attack, Mr. Trump has delivered his statement to the people and nation.

The scenario is somewhat again repeated last week when a Muslim couple who believed that they have been radicalized started opened fire at a health centre in San Bernardino and killed 14 people in one go.

Mr. Trump recommended that the “ban-call” impelled a shocked reaction from Republicans and others. On the counterpart, the rival candidate Mr. Jeb Bush give the title ‘Unhinged’ to Mr. Trump and former US VP, Mr. Dick Cheney told that “It will go against everything that the US stand for and believe in till date”.

Mr. Josh Earnest, the White House Press Secretary, says, “This verdict of Mr. Trump disqualifies him from serving the nation as its President”. He also told that “Mr. Trump’s campaign is filled with dustbin of history and quality to it”.

In the meantime, Mr. David Cameron, the Conservative PM of UK, said that “They were disruptive and unhelpful as well as giving wrong verdicts to the people”. While his fellow French counter candidate, Mr. Manuel Valls told that “Mr. Trump is adding fuel to hatred”.

On the contrary, UNHCR told that “Mr. Trump’s campaign rhetoric was putting an amazingly significant resettlement program for helpless refugees of Syria in danger”.

Taking the campaign as literature, many legal scholars have told that “Such type of plan will violate the international as well as US laws and would never be accepted by the courts whereas Islamic leaders groups say the idea is totally outrageous”.

The American-Islamic relationship director, Mr. Ibrahim Hooper, says, “One has to surprise what Mr. Trump is trying to say next after his verdicts regarding Muslim ban in the US”. He also said that “he feels like the 1930 era is backing the 21st century”.

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