Rajinikanth’s Fans Spreading Humorous Tags over Twitter with the Arrest of Kickass Torrent Boss


Indian superhuman “Rajinikanth” is truly a phenomenon for people all over the world. The trend and craziness for Rajinikanth are not new. He is the superhero who can do anything, which is unexpected from a human being. Maybe this is the reason why people wonder him as a superman. Each and every style of Rajni has some uniqueness which is pretty unbelievable to do for any other film actors.

With his recently launched movie Kabali, the craziness of him fans for him got doubled, while creating incredible records in the box office. For celebrating the release of his movie “Kabali”, South-Indian Government announced holiday, just to give a tribute to this legendary actor.

Its Rajinikanth’s Effect

If you are also a fan of Rajini, you must hear about the leak of his movie Kabali online. This news created a storm among his fans while making the legal system much stronger for finding the culprits. In the end, the owner of Kickass Torrents, one of the pioneering movie downloading website, was arrested by police in Poland for following the illegal process of video leaking, while making its website completely non-functional.

But is it true that Kabali leaked online before its release, or it is just a coincident? Of course, it was a rumor and the Rajinikanth –  starter movie was not revealed online. And of course these two incidents are purely accidental, and no connections are there between the leak rumor of Kabila and the arrest of Kickass Torrent boss.

But due to the high fever of Rajinikanth, his fans and general people on social media concluded this in some other ways and it is no wonder as Rajinikanth is related with this. Here is how people defined this incident on Twitter. Check out:

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