Priyanka Chopra: I won’t play exotic girl, Baywatch a powerful role


The Bollywood Diva, former Miss World Priyanka Chopra have made the eye brows gone sharp of the Industry when she appeared in American thriller series Quantico and till then the Fashionista has been making global waves. The lobby of the directors and the producers standing in queue for the Indian Fashion face has proved that there is lot more other than the face in the Diva. The acting skills of the beauty has left no stone unturned when it comes about the diverse roles she have played whether it is the demonstration of the versatile role in Bollywood or the songs by Priyanka.  The warm welcome on the red carpets have witnessed the success of Priyanka Chopra. Her performance in Quantico has brought a lot more for her. She is working for a Hollywood film (The first for the Diva) which is said to be the incarnation of serial Baywatch on the big screen.

The opportunity is not the first one for her, she is said to be offered from Hollywood earlier but in search of the better recognition, Priyanka has been putting the side bars for them.

“They sat together to figure out a way to work both these things out. I’ll be flying back and forth from Montreal (Canada) to Miami (USA). It will be exhausting. I will also be playing two completely different characters. But I have done this in the past. I have been trained in one of the most difficult industries, Bollywood, where we do multiple parts and films all the time,” says the actor.

Priyanka has successfully earned gold from the chance given in the running serial and its can’t be considered as a gleam of the fate. She has put the best acting efforts to the serial which has caught her the basket of the Bollywood. Her excitement in the hard work schedules for the western film columns is backed up by her strong desire of doing the quality roles that suits her.

“My work ethic is very strong. When you do so much, and make the choices that you do, you have to stand by them,” says Priyanka.

Priyanka doesn’t enjoys the first Indian face to act in Hollywood, Nasserudin Shah, Anil Kapoor for Mission Impossible and Irrfan Khan for the Jurassic series films has been appeared on the West film carpets but the importance and the strength Priyanka is up to, holds the different aura than others. Aware of the fact she adds that this collaboration of the Hollywood and Bollywood is ready to pull more Indian Faces, she is confident about her persona and is not ready to be only the trademark of the ONLY EXOTIC PLAY GIRL as she seems to be all set to break this myths of the critics.

“There is still a lot of stereotyping, and I have made it my mission to break those (conventional) by not playing only the exotic pretty girl. I also give credit to actors like Anil Kapoor and Irrfan Khan, who have paved the way for Indian actors in the global entertainment circuit.”Says the actor.

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