Positive Response for Google’s Self Driven Cars

Google Self Drive Car

Today, when technology hit has been in it is peak heights, automobiles have not been away from being lucky to be under the sphere and the net. Reportedly it has been updated to the world forum that the number and the ratio of malfunctions and failures in the league of automobiles that could run by their own, has reduced significantly.

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This takes into account the point that the mistakes that have happened by the upcoming technologies in the past with these self driven cars have taught a great deal to make them better and flawless. The reducing number of flaws has given a way to the company to reach its ultimate goal and destination of the completely automatic driven vehicles coming into existence in full swing.

Results Of The Tests Taken By Google:

In a guiding journey of almost 424 thousand miles of distance of testing the self driven cars, it has been found that Google witnessed almost 272 instances which had the involvement of human drivers was to be taken in to account so that the control of the vehicle didn’t go half hazard and this led to episodes like disengagement that occurred and proved that the technology behind the self driven cars were an failure.

According to a report submitted by Google it has been made clear that the path to the development and refinement of the self driven cars and the idea behind it has been improving and people have been working on it since a long time.

And to a matter of fact, this has been found that when the cars travel a longer distance, they tend to experience lesser disengagements. This facts have been made by the company in its report as long as 33 pages with the instances that back the points too and have been submitted under the law to the California Dept. of Motor Vehicles on the last day of 2015.

Main Intensions behind the Cars:

According to the law from California Dept, the must have test drivers and steering wheels in some of the autonomous vehicles for emergency. When Google came with the idea of these self driven cars, the interest towards this phenomenon was seen from all the parts of the world and everyone was enthusiastic to know about the technology behind.

But Google on the other side, strategically mentioned a very few about the mechanism. The main motif behind the cars was the fact that people do not have to take the risk of talking, attending calls, watching videos and all when driving but leave it to the car itself. There been many tests on these cars and maximum of them have wanted the drivers to be away from driving proving the technology a success. Now it’s Google who would make us see these cute little things go ahead on their own on the streets soon.

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