Mullah Mansoor killed in US strike : What Would Be the Influence of Taliban Leader’s Death on Pakistan?

Akhtar Mansoor Mullah

Akhtar Mansoor Mullah – the leader of Afghan Taliban, has been killed in a strike held by United States in Pakistan and this biggest shocking news has created a flood of anxiety in different nations.

According to multiple sources – a year after the appointment of Akhtar Mansoor Mullah as the leader of Afghan Taliban, this incident happened when the US force attacked the Taliban camp in which the chief was generating an unusual boom of movements.

US Drone Attack Kills Akhtar Mansoor Mullah

This news came to the forefront, when during a gathering of top diplomats from Afghanistan, the US and China, Pakistan’s de facto foreign minister Sartaj Aziz, revealed this truth. This is the leaked news of 2015 in which it has stated that Taliban leader Mullah Omar had been dead for more than two years and this news not only Taliban.

And days later to this incident, a US drone fired up a rocket at Omar’s descendant, when Mullah Akhtar Mansoor – the dead Taliban leader was traveling in the southern Pakistan zone of Baluchistan.

This attack done by US drone which has confirmed the death of Mansoor regards as a surprising growth of a drone campaign that seemed to be breezing down and has long-ago has been an operating tender in the relationship of US and Pakistan.

What Will Be Its Impact On Pakistan?

The death of this leader in sudden attack of US drone has deeply affected the relationship of US and Pakistan and it too will be damaging to Taliban-Pakistan relations as Islamabad is going to lead the Taliban force on its country – confirmed by Sartaj Aziz. – Foreign affairs adviser of Pakistan.

Due to this, Islamabad is continued to be under pressure, and this is just because of the Afghan and the US governments who want to utilize their sizeable influence over the Taliban to get them to the conferring table.

According to multiple sources of news, the US politicians has blocked the deal of F16 jets and another military assist to Pakistan on the basis that it has been porting the aids to the network of Taliban and the Haqqani.

Moreover, The US government is pressurizing Islamabad to put high stress on Taliban force and their leaders to give their 15 years of armed revolution a peace conclusion.

Even if in the attack Mullah Mansour was not killed, the attack was stated to be significant – as it is supposed to be the former American drone hit in Baluchistan, the de facto head office of the Afghan Taliban – following years of such assaults in other areas of Pakistani and Afghan.

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