Microsoft Buys Linkedin at $26.2 Billion


LinkedIn- the widely popular social networking site that is designed especially for business community is declared to be purchased by Microsoft. The registered members popularly NIL LinkedIn for establishing and growing professional relationship among the related persons has drawn attention of Microsoft.

Microsoft Declared About the Deal on Monday

  • On Monday, Microsoft announced to acquire LinkedIn at $26.2 billion.
  • Microsoft would pay $196 for each share of LinkedIn.
  • With this announcement, the price value of the shares of LinkedIn rushed down 47% to around $193 per share.
  • The impact of this announcement even reflected on Microsoft, and its stock was decreased around 3.2%.
  • The Moody’s Investors Services have rated ‘AAA’ that is underrating review and a downgrade certainly for Microsoft with the announcement of deal.
  • As per the reports, Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn would continue the responsibilities and would report to the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella.
  • This deal was collectively announced and approved by the board of both the companies and as per expectations; the deal would be closed at the end of this year.
  • This deal and acquirement of is still subject to be approved by the shareholders of LinkedIn and the regulatory members.

Microsoft Aims to Accelerate Microsoft Office 365 with This Deal

  • As per the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, LinkedIn has grown to be the most efficient business centred that connects the professionals of same field all around the world.
  • Microsoft expects to empower every organization and person on the land together with LinkedIn.
  • Microsoft aims to accelerate Microsoft Office 365 with the growth of LinkedIn.

CEO Remains the Same As Well As Other Employees in Linkedin with the Deal

  • Though few changes are expected with this deal, the employees at LinkedIn would have same titles and managers as per the current status; this has been confirmed by CEO of LinkedIn, Weiner.
  • CEO, Weiner continued that the members of the team who are focused for maintaining LinkedIn’s status as the publicly traded company would be helping the users to find the next play.
  • CEO, Weiner confirms that the business would run as usual, after the acquisition, Microsoft with the same vision and mission of LinkedIn would continue the same culture and values as per the current strategy.
  • Weiner confirms that he would remain the CEO of LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn has become widely popular as the ultimate business social platform, and almost every professional is on this site, starting from the college students to the CEO of huge companies.

Reviews say, it’s a good way for Microsoft for expanding in the social media platform, and it is indeed a great deal.

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