Kabali : The Superstar Rajnikanth’s Movie is Setting New Level in Movie Industry


The public in Chennai and other major South Indian cities are waiting with crossed fingers and great enthusiasm for a celebrating moment today midnight. Kabali-South Indian Superstar Rajnikanth’s latest movie is realizing tomorrow. As per the reports, advance bookings for several shows of Kabali have been sold out. Kabali would be released in around 12000 screens.

Kabali- The Gangster Drama Collects Around $30million for Film Rights Sales

Rajnikanth is one of the highest paid Asian actors and is one of the most bankable stars of India. Kabali, the latest release is a concept based on gangster drama. Before its release, Kabali has gathered around $30million with the film rights sale. This mega-gangster drama of Rajnikanth is also dubbed in Telugu, Hindi, and Malaya language. Kabali- Starring Rajnikanth as a gangster with Radhika Apte as the co-star is releasing on Friday.

Companies Declare A Holiday For Employees To Watch Kabali!

Loads of pleas are found posted on Social Medias like Facebook and Twitters requesting for tickets. Among the number of shocking facts, the most shocking are, Software Company-Fyndus has declared official holiday for its employees.

Kabali - Company Holiday Letter

As per the company’s spokesman, the employees wanted to watch Kabali on the first day and had requested for holiday. Surprising them, intending to make this day memorable, Fyndus declared a holiday. As per the employees of Fyndus, they had planned to produce some plea and take sick leave to watch Kabali on the first day of release.

Fyndus even taking a part in social awareness it declared to provide free tickets to support antipiracy. Similarly another company though has not declared an official holiday, but it has booked 2 complete Inox screens for its employees and families.

Kabali Turned As Means to Increase Capitalization

Kabali fever has grasped other entities to increase capitalization. Faintain Sports has been running a contest for superstar punch dialogues. The prize for the contest winner is the first day tickets of Kabali. There are numerous of plans that are being executed and in the pipeline to celebrate the memorable day of Kabali release.

Kabali Was Planned To Be Released In Five-Star Hotels, But Such Expectations Were Ruined

The distributors had planned to screen Kabali in five-star hotels like JW Marriot, Royal Orchid, Lalit Ashok and Crown Plaza, whose tickets ranged from Rs 1300 to Rs 1500. Around 1500 people had bought tickets, but such ambition has been ruined.

The Deputy Commissioner of Bengaluru has rejected the application of permission requested by the distributors to release Kabali in Five-Star hotels. The money shall be refunded with such rejection. As per the DC of Bengaluru, the movie can only be screened in multiplexes and theatres.

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