James Cameron: Avatar Will Have 4 Sequels

Avatar Sequal

People worldwide may not have forgotten the fantasy epic movie of 2009 that was Avatar. Avatar has remained a box office champion. With this strategy, the team of Avatar is prepared with 4 sequels which are expected to start hitting theaters from 2018. The director James Cameron has announced four sequels to his hit 3D fantasy movie Avatar, which is indeed great news for the Avatar Fans.

Paving off All the Rumors, Cameron Declared 4 Sequels to Avatar

  • Previously it was heard that the team was getting prepared for three sequels which was regarded as rumor.
  • This rumor was clarified when Cameron laid the assumptions to rest at the CinemaCon in Las Vegas.
  • Cameron says the first sequel or the second movie would hit theaters in the year 2018 and the other three sequels would arrive in the year 2020, 2022, 2023 respectively.
  • Cameron said, the Avatar with its sequels would be the true epic saga that would be expressed in the rich and complex world.

Previously Cameron Had Planned For 2 Sequels Which Increased To 4

Cameron said he had envisioned for two sequels but after meeting with team of four screenwriters and group of top artists and designers of world he realized that he had more than enough contents and materials for two films. Then after he decided for three sequels and lastly he concluded with four sequels.

  • Cameron expressed that as per his visionary of pure imaginations those are far beyond the first film.
  • Cameron added that there are very few people who have seen the initial concepts but only few selected have left speechless.
  • The team is ready to embark a massive cinematic project with the four back to back sequels.
  • Each of the stories stands alone but forms a complete saga.
  • The director announced immediately as he opposed the proposal of Sean Parker’s upstart of screening room.
  • This proposal was to bring the movies into the customers’ home and debut in the theaters at the same time.
  • Cameron added that the films were designed for the theaters on the big screens and not for the TVs in homes.

Flashbacks Of The 2009’s Avatar!

  • The 2009’s fantasy film Avatar is marketed as James Cameron’s Avatar which was an epic science fiction film.
  • This movie was directed, written, produced and co-edited by James Cameron himself.
  • This movie starred Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver.
  • The development of Avatar had begun in 1994 when Cameron had written 80 page of treatment for the film.
  • Avatar was premiered in London on December 10th in 2009 and was internationally released on December 16th.

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