Jakarta Attack : Bombs and Gun Fire Rocks Indonesian Capital

Jakarta Attack
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The Indonesian capital, Jakarta became fresh witness to the ravages of terrorism with gunfights at various locations and around seven blasts. Even the United Nations building wasn’t spared from this uninvited tragedy. An explosion outside the UN building took away with the lives of seven people.

The Situation So Far!

Gory images of three bodies lying on the street in front of a minor police booth reduced to ashes by an explosion in one of Jakarta’s busiest locations have surfaced. In another set of images showing smoke rising near a Starbucks café, the severity of the attack can be apprehended.

  • Superficial investigation and media reports suggest that seven people were killed among which there are four attackers.
  • As per the statement of Jakarta’s police spokesman Colonel Muhammad Iqbal, the gunfight started off in a cinema that was located in the same building as Starbucks.
  • The local media reports suggest that the attack was carried out by 14 armed assailants starting at somewhere near 10.30 am local time (2.30 am GMT).
  • Fresh reports indicate that six assailants stayed inside, and the ensuing fight cloaked the origin of subsequent blasts.
  • Reactions of people involved in the mayhem:
  • Risky Julianti, aged 25; working at the Sarinah mall as a sales promoter was a witness to this barbaric incident. She was in the changing room at work when the first explosion occurred.
  • According to her statement, “The building was shaking heavily when the blast happened. An office boy shouted, ‘bomb, bomb’ and we quickly ran out to a church nearby”.
  • Another person who stood witness to this attack is Jeremy Douglas, working as a regional representative in the UN. He stated that he heard a mammoth explosion when he was arriving at work near the UN office.

After that, he reported hearing six explosions and subsequent gunfight between police and the miscreants.

The Nation’s Response to the Attack:

The Indonesian president JokoWidodo vehemently condemned the attack and announced that the situation has been apprehended suitably. He pleaded the citizens not to panic and issued a statement that “The state, nation and its people should neither be afraid of nor lose to such heinous acts of terror”.

Indonesian civil society organizations and other religious associations have initiated campaigns to curb the expansion of vicious extremism.

Responsibility for the Attack:

While the police are yet to receive a confirmation regarding the institution responsible for this attack, Yohanes Suleiman, a scholar at Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani has speculated the involvement of indigenous youth in the attack after radical exposure to ISIS ideologies.

Indonesia had seen its share of terrorism back in 2002 when triple bomb blasts shattered 202 lives at Bali, a major tourist destination.

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