Internet Mapping Glitch Turns a Firm to Be In the Limelight as a Digital Hell

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After driving an hour from Wichita, Kansas, there is a fine piece of land with 360 acres in the little town, Potwin. The land is experiencing a big problem. Vogelman family is the owner of the plot for more than hundred years. At present, Joyce Taylor nee Vogelman is the owner of the property. The property owner has mind set to rent the plot.

Short Description of the Property:

The plot is located in the remote place surrounded by a pasture, farm, two barns, hog shacks, an old orchard and a two-storey house. If you move miles away from the plot, then only you’ll find the nearest neighbor and the closest big town wherein almost 13000 people are residing happily. It’ll take you two-hour long drive to reach the rural America from the precise geographical center of the U.S.

But instead of serving the demands as the residence, the plot owner started to plan for a technological horror story in this plot. Back in last decade, Joyce and her other renters have witnessed all types of mysterious trouble in the plot. They have been blamed as the identity thieves, scammers, spammers, and fraudsters.

The plot owner along with her tenants have visited the FBI agents, IRS collectors, federal marshals and ambulances looking for suicidal veterans, including police officers who are in search of the runaway children.

They have found individuals gathered in their barn. The occupants have been doxxed and found that their all the information including their names as well as addresses is posted by the vigilantes over the internet. Earlier one day, someone already had broken the toilet in the driveway as an indefinite and strange threat.

The plot is found to be the ideal place for the residents, but they have been treated as if they are criminals for a decade. They don’t even know why.

Internet Mapping Glitch:

To have clear understanding of what’s just happened to the Taylor farm, it is crucial to know about how the concept of digital cartography works in today’s digital network. In short, have to educate yourself regarding IP mapping.

In the digital world, IP addresses are playing a vital role that is assigned to establish a virtual network. Almost all the electronic devices have IP addresses with which it can be traceable. IP addresses are also very important to make server logs error-freely. Way back in 2002, the trouble for the Taylor firm has been started when MaxMind- a digital mapping company of Massachusetts wished to know the geographic location of the computer in that location.

MaxMind’s IP addresses mapping structure place them at the same spot where Joyce’ plot is located. After some day, Taylor said that she received a phone call describing the failure of email use. It alerts Taylor that something is going on at the firm.

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