Google Users Can Now Source Self Information Using 10 Most Useful Urls


Google, the largest accessed search engine all around the world is considered much more than a search engine. With services and tools like Gmail, Google Plus, YouTube, Google Play Store and much more, Google has turned to be the first choice for the internet users. Google stores everything about the customers privately.

Did you ever wonder what Google knows about your visited recent places or how does Google determines your interests? Do you know Google keeps the list of every word that you had ever entered in the search engine box! You would certainly be eager to know the place where Google stores your information.

Get Inside The Secret Treasure Box Of Google To Find Your Information!

Below mentioned are 10 highly imperative links that would unlock the store box that contains information about you. Google stores your information very secretly which is hidden deep inside your account’s dashboard. Unlocking the box, you would reveal many exclusive details about self which is self-reserved with Google till date!

  1. Retrieve passwords and usernames– Passwords and usernames are used for logging into various websites. You may have wiped out few of your usernames and passwords that you had used in the past. Google stores each and every username and password that you had typed in Google Chrome as well as on the Android. Google even has a website where these can be viewed in plain text format.
  2. Know how Google portrays you– Based on your site searches and visits, Google creates a profile for you. Google guesses your age, gender and interests based on your searches and the stored data are used for serving you with relevant ads. Accessing this URL, you can get an overview, how Google has portrayed you basing on your searches and Google uses.-
  3. Retrieve Medias from Google– Do you know how to revive or export the data stored in Google ecosystem? This can be useful for you to get back the deleted photos, contacts, messages and videos on YouTube. You need to access the takeout page to grab the downloading links of any of the specific data you require. –
  4. Remove contents that you own and are featured on other sites– Do you know how to remove content that you own when it is featured on another website? Google can help you in removing the content; you can legally raise DMCA complaint against the site with Google’s help. Google does have a wizard that helps you in claiming the content, and this wizard tool can be used for removing websites even from Google search results that are hampering your content. –
  5. Trace your location history easily– The Android Smartphone or the Google map app you are using silently reports your location silently and keeps Google servers informed about this. Using a specific URL, you can find the detailed history of your location from the Google Maps website. You can also export the data as KML file which can be viewed inside Google Drive or Google Earth. –
  6. Signing up to another account with your existing username-You can create another Google account, using the same username or your existing email address. Generally, is used as the username for your Gmail account, but with the help of this exclusive URL, you can use another email address as your username. –
  7. Track your text, audio and video search history easily– The Google as well as YouTube keeps every detailed record of the terms that you had ever typed or spoken in the search boxes. Google even stores detail of every ad that you had clicked accessing on any website. Google even has records of the videos that you had watched, and if you are using Google Now then Google even has a list of the audio search queries you have made. Click on the links to find out your search history, which even you mustn’t be remembering. – (For Google searches), (For Voice searches), (YouTube searches and watched videos).
  8. Handle multi Gmail accounts with one user account– As per Google’s program policies, if you are not accessing your Gmail account once at least in every 9 months, then the account shall be terminated by Google. Termination of your Gmail account can probably create an issue for you. If you do use multiple Gmail accounts, then you can set up the main account as trusted one for the secondary accounts. Google would keep you updated and remind you in every few months to login into other accounts that would avoid the accounts from getting terminated.
  9. Track the hacker accessing your email ID – Do you feel that your Google account is hacked or probably used by any other unauthorized person? You can find it out very easily. Opening the activity report to find the detail of every logging device that stays constantly connected with your Google account. You can also trace the I.P. Addresses and the geographical location of the hacker. –
  10. Trace location of your mobile– You may be unable to locate your mobile phone sometimes. Using Google Device Manager, you can find the location of your phone. But the condition is that your device should be switched on and must be connected online. Through this, you can ring the device, trace the location and even erase the contents of the phone completely. Through this URL you can find the IMEI number of the phone through the Google Account. –

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