Google Is Reportedly Working On Its Own Android Wear Smartwatches


Reportedly, Google is in all efforts on its own a couple of Android Wear smart watches, which could be the Nexus devices. Sources add one is going to have LTE as the connectivity options accompanied by GPS, which the other one is going to miss. One of the watches is reportedly going to be called the Angelfish, and the other will be called the Swordfish.

The connectivity options talked above are going to be available with Angelfish, which is comparatively bigger in size between the two, and the Swordfish is being developed with an intention of a budget-friendly device. Both the devices are going to have a spherical display.


The bigger version Angelfish is said to resemble pretty much with the Moto 360, especially in terms of the roundness of the watch’s display. It is quite equivalent with LG’s Urbane second edition LTE as well.  The reason behind Google preparing it with a bigger frame is said to be due to the intention of prompting it as a sports version having integrated heart-rate monitor and GPS, which are tagged perfectly with upcoming Google Android Wear 2.0 upgrade. It means the user won’t have to depend upon connecting with a smartphone, or the smartwatch can function on its own. A quick pick on Angelfish features-

  • Heart-rate monitor, GPS, LTE connectivity option
  • 14 mm thickness, 42.5 mm diameter
  • Titanium finish (Matte dark grey) finish offers an ultimate look
  • This bigger edition is going to support Google’s latest Assistant integration with Google Now, like notifications accord to various factors like destination, time, and functionalities.
  • Does not support interchangeable mode as its design and lugs don’t support it


Coming to the Swordfish, the budget-friendly options is comparatively smaller and said to resemble with the Pebble Time Round. However, it is speculated to be having an exclusive button arrangement, but not going to have the native display bezel as of the Pebble Time Round. One can basically find an exclusive button on the right center along a polished button cap.

  • 6 mm thickness with 42.6 mm diameter
  • Expected to be coming in Silver, Titanium and Rose Gold variants
  • Swordfish model is expected to be having interchangeable Mode companionable bands.
  • Supports Google’s latest Assistant integration along Google Now-like notifications accord to various factors like destination, time, and functionalities.

Though it is not confirmed whether the smartwatches will be coming with the upcoming Nexus smartphones, is expected to be coming with a Nexus only, anywhere or sooner. Most probably, we may have a hands-on with it when the Android Wear 2.0 gets all set to be available this year.

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