Enjoy The Incredible Features Of WhatsApp Which You Are Unaware Of!

WhatsApp to stop services for old operating system

Who don’t know about WhatsApp? It will be not wrong if we say, WhatsApp is one of the basic needs for each and every one. WhatsApp is one of the widely used online messaging apps for exchanging messages without any charges. WhatsApp is available for all mobile platforms, like android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc. The Smartphone users can easily exchange texts, audio, images and videos without paying any charges.

WhatsApp adds group chat option that brings friends together being far away from each other. The users accessing WhatsApp are aware about the online messaging platform but there are some left out features in WhatsApp which the users are unaware about. Below specified are few features which the end-users are unaware about.

7  Important Facts Which Are Unknown to the End-Users of WhatsApp

  • Compress Images And Videos On WhatsApp-: Compressing images and videos through WhatsApp is certainly an unknown fact for the end-users. The basic reason behind this compression is to avoid affecting the usability of the app. As users prefer for snappy conversations sharing images with texts, the usability of the app reduces. You certainly would not wait for a minute to download the image. The users having limited data bundle are likely to get annoyed when any unknown person sends images of high resolution. WhatsApp maintains the sharpness and resolution of the image to be full HD but compresses the large files to smaller. Even loading the images of resolution would slower the server process that would increase the operational costs.
  • WhatsApp Creates Users Account Based On Mobile Number-: WhatsApp saves the user information in the form of phone number i.e ( WhatsApp accounts are tied with the mobile numbers of the users. If you find an existing account with your mobile number then you need not get worried because the mobile service providers recycle the numbers and maybe the previous owner of the mobile number that you hold had used WhatsApp and the created account was not deleted. You can delete the existing account with any other person’s information and create your new account providing your details. You can find your account on WhatsApp at <Mobile Number>
  • WhatsApp Can Be Accessed On Mobile Web Browser-: Users can access to WhatsApp on their web browser. The users need to type <whatsapp://> on their mobile browser address bar, WhatsApp application would open on your browser. For sending a text through the web browser you need to type <whatsapp://send> to open the contact list and for sending the text you need to type <whatsapp://send?text=test>. The text must be encoded through JavaScript’s native encode URL component function. This facility is widely used by the websites for creating sharable WhatsApp feature.
  • Check Exact Timing of Message Delivery and Read OnWhatsApp-: WhatsApp provides the facilities to its users to check the status of the delivered message and even can find the exact timing when was delivered and read. For accessing the information you need to long press on the message you have sent in which popup menu would appear with four choices- copy, delete, forward and info. Selecting info you can get the detailed page of message history that includes time of delivery and reading time.

WhatsApp Message Read Info

  • Set Custom Notifications For Special Contacts On WhatsApp-: WhatsApp provides the end users facility to set custom notifications for any favourite contact or group. You can set custom notifications by selecting the conversation of the contact and tap on view contact. Option for custom notifications would appear. You can likewise change the settings as per requirements from the list of settings. You need to select the option from the popup list as per the contact. With this specialized custom notification settings, you can set tones, calls and messages for the selected contact and also set the popup notification behaviour of the selected contact. This incredibly helps the users to spot the messages from the selected contacts only.
  • WhatsApp Introduces Multi-Formatted Messaging Experience-: WhatsApp has added feature to make the texts appear bold, strike-through and italics with the conversations. Any specialized button is not dedicated for availing this feature in WhatsApp. You can apply such text formatting style using correct syntax around the text. The end-users can combine the three formats and enjoy multi-formatted messaging experience. For Bold: *bold* , for Italics: _italics_ and for Strike-Through: ~Strike through~.

Multi-Formatted Messaging

  • Shared Messages on WhatsApp Are Secured-:Any user would like that the messages shared with friends or group must be highly secured. WhatsApp messages are now secured with 256-bit end-to-end encryption which avoids any hackers to violate your privacy. The shared messages cannot be intercepted by law even.

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