Does Nationalized Media Channels Work Only for TRP?


Cloudburst accompanied by thunderstorm has affected several parts of the country. As per the current reports, Assam and Bihar have faced worst floods in the country. Apart from the loss of property, the death numbers are counting higher.

As per the Disaster Management Authorities of the States, around 38 people have died and around 12 districts in the state are affected in Bihar, whereas around 34 people died in Assam and more over 11lakhs people lost their homes in 21 districts.

Apart From Humans’ the Flood Engulfs the Rare Species of Animals in Kajiranga

The world famous sanctuary, Kajiranga in Assam is widely affected that killed the more than 300 hundreds of animals including 13 rare rhinos. For defending the crisis, the authorities are running relief camps in both the states with distribution centres.

The farmers in both the states are affected the most as their farming lands are buried under the flood waters.

Indian Army on the Rescue! Media Fails To Cover The Floods In Assam And Bihar!

Indian Army plays a major role in the rescue works every time, fighting with the massive floods and rescuing the trapped humans as well as the animals. The Army rescue group along with the social workers do try their best to rescue maximum lives from the trap baiting their life.

This is not the first time when the Jawans in Indian Army arrive at the flooded places for to rescue the inhabitants. But the media regularly fails to cover such disasters in the country. Rarely these flooded areas are covered in the main stream by the nationalized channels.

Nationalized Media Channels Work for TRP!

The nationalized media channels fail to cover the current news that shakes the entire country. The mantra or trend the nationalized media channels opt for is covering the brutal murder cases and rape cases.

For grabbing higher TRP, the nationalized media channel cover the murder or rape cases which take place in the cities like Delhi. Being headquartered in Delhi, the media channels give priority to cover the brutal crime cases in the city.

For the national media channels only, when such crime cases take place in Delhi or Mumbai, it features as if no other city pan the country faces such brutal incidents.

Repeatedly the Media Features the Brutal Cases But Forgets the Flood Trapped People

Let it be Nirbhaya rape case, or the Sheena Bora murder case or the Dadri brutal case; all have got maximum media coverage. But it seems that such other cases were not so brutal for which the nationalized media didn’t bother.

Apart from these, the current issues of natural disasters that strike India and its economy massively, the Media don’t get bothered to cover the disasters and let the world know about the helplessness of the flood trapped people.

All around the day, media starts covering the case and sticks on to it, featuring debate and even dramatize the scenario of the crime. All these are repeatedly streamed on air which lets the people know that no other case was as imperative as the one featured.

Each and every day there are several cases reported in every state, which is even considered to be more brutal. Where do these nationalized media channels take rest and not bother about them?

Public Says, Media Works for Publicity and Generating Funds

The helpless people say nationalized media channels are leading ahead with partiality; there are not focused on their job rather they are focused on generating funds with the advertisements. The media channels are not for the public they are doing business for their profits and not for the general public.

Reportedly few selective Indian media channels are way out from such scandals. But those are in few numbers. Even the media channels don’t forget to capture the persons in glamour world and don’t even spare their related persons. There are numerous of scandals which are practically impossible to be captured by the media channels.

Is There Any Necessity Of Covering Such Cases For Long Days?

What is the need for dramatizing the brutal murder cases or the rape cases? What is the need of repeating the case for days? Is it the responsibility of the nationalized media channels!

Why they don’t get bothered about reflecting the harsh cases of natural disasters, be it the Tsunami or the recent floods. The nationalized media channels are taking a sideway avoiding reflecting the real India to the entire country.

Flood In Jammu Or Uttarakhand Were Covered 24X7, Why Not Assam, Bihar or Odisha?

Floods in Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and other states that come in the circumference of the Delhi are covered for 24X7, why not the flood cases in Assam, Bihar or Odisha! The only thing you find on the media is some passing by comments rolling down the screen.

Currently, media covers the low valued contents or the stupidity contents they don’t care about the people who are neck deep in water or the places that are washed away by the floods. If the media don’t care about the humans, then how would it care about the animals that flow away in the flood waters!

The nationalized media must come out from such legacy and work for the entire country and not for Delhi or Mumbai.

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