DADAGIRI Continues! Sourav Ganguly the New President of Cricket Association of Bengal – 100

Sourav Ganguly - CAB President

Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) will very soon witness a new rising sun in the form of their very new president. The above has recently suffered a huge irreplaceable loss with the demise of the former president Mr. Jagmohan Dalmiya. And as they say, “if winter comes, can spring be far behind?” goes at par with the CAB. With the consent of the present Chief Minister of West Bengal Ms Mamata Banerjee and the other eminent members of the association, it has been confirmed that the post of the new president will be handed over to former captain of the Indian Cricket team Mr. Sourav Ganguly.

The news came in when the 43 year old former captain happened to meet the chief minister and other members of the association namely Subir Ganguly the joint secretary, Biswarup Dey the treasurer and Abhishek Dalmiya son of the deceased.

For the former captain, it would be a matter of pride as he will be the youngest president ever been elected for the post in the state. The Chief Minister extended her support to Mr. Ganguly to become the new president of the Cricket Association of Bengal four days after the demise of the former president. Further, Abhishek is likely to take over as the Joint Secretary with him.

The new President on his speech thanked all the members for electing him and stated that he can never be a substitute to Dalmiya. He also promised to give his best to serve the association and try his fullest to fill the gap. He also mentioned about his fourteen month work experience with the CAB and hopes to bring glory to the state and the association. Being asked about any politics coming in the play from Didi, Sourav Ganguly clearly denied the fact and even welcomed Abhishek into the administration and added that he (Abhishek) has a good knowledge of how his father worked in and for the betterment of the association. Moreover he stated that Abhishek surely would have learned something from his father and would like to implement it into the association too.

Under such circumstances of a new president being elected for the post, the constitution gets a time limit of almost two months to have everything settled and get the work started. But this time, Gautam Dasgupta the chairman of the Board of trustees stated that “sooner the better”. To this he added that they might see the fresh start soon after the T20 international between India and South Africa that is going to commence from the 8th of October in Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

The decision has been shown a green signal and named as a “right choice” by many of the senior members of the constitution. Dasgupta being the senior most member of the constitution agreed that Sourav Ganguly is the most eligible candidate for the post. As stories come up, it was found that the former was to be elected for the post, but when asked he very lightly stated the young lad would do justice to the post. Moreover he added that age or experiences are not the factors and he would always guide Sourav Ganguly with the work.

Being called a collective decision of the senior members and the administrative body, the new elected president is hoped to bring laurels to the state. So all that can be done for now is fingers crossed!

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