Case of Blackbuck & Chinkara : All About Salman Khan Verdict

Salman Khan

A great relief for Salman Khan! The lingering case of Blackbuck and Chinkara Poaching cases of 1998 has finally been sorted out. The Rajasthan High Court has finally set free the actor from the alleged case. The court lead by Justice Nirmaljeet Kaur pronounced the verdict on Monday. Such verdict of High Court on Monday certainly has relived the actors from the protracted case from 1998. Finally, the 18 long years’ case came to an end.

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Salman’s Gets Clean Verdict from the Case on Monday

As per reports, Salman Khan had appealed before High Court challenging the verdict of lower court. As per the lower court’s verdict, Salman was accused of killing blackbuck and a Chinkara and was sentenced to one-year and five-year imprisonment respectively for the cases in the year 2006.

This case was enacted under Arms Act, which was registered at the Luni Police Station that is in Jodhpur. Forest Department of Rajasthan had alleged the actor the licenses of the arms he was using during the poaching had incident was expired and was regarded as illegal. Two separate cases were registered against the actor under section 51 of Wildlife Protection Act.

Salman Was Charged For Killing Protected Animals While Shooting Movie In Jodhpur

  • Salman Khan was for his shooting session of the movie ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ when this incident had occurred in the year 1998.
  • The blackbuck and Chinkara were killed on the outskirts of a Village located near Jodhpur.
  • Reportedly one protected animal was killed on September 26th and the other on September 28th.
  • Salman even was sentenced one-year imprisonment and was charged a fine of amount Rs 5000.
  • Along with Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, Tabu and Neelam, his other co-actors in Suraj Badjatya’s family drama, ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ were also charged in the poaching case.
  • Salman had spent six days in the Central Jail of Jodhpur but soon after his sentence was suspended.

Charges were revised!

High Court had dropped the charges of using illegal arms on his appeal. High Court had revised the charges on the actor in December 2012. With the fresh charges, Salman was charged under section 9/51 of Wildlife Protection Act.

Twitter Filled With Pessimistic Comments

  • Social Medias are loaded with loads of wishes for the actor from his supporters and pessimistic comments from the social activists.
  • There were even some funny comments marked on Twitter like-:
  • ‘The Blackbuck had committed suicide.’
  • ‘the Blackbuck was driving Salman’s car the night.’
  • ‘Salman has super natural powers to make people as well as a judge to forget his heinous crimes,’ etc.


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