Bollywood Celebrities and Their Previous Jobs

Bollywood Celebrities and Their Previous Jobs

We have watched our favourite style icons of the Bollywood industry on the silver screen playing different characters. They represent the characters such lively that it appears realistic, but everyone is aware that our favourite actors lead a high profile and aristocrat life.

Dress codes, bungalow, vehicles, properties, etc. are some of the features that give an overview of their life maintenance. But do you know some of our favourite stars in Bollywood have led their life in miseries?

The top leading actors who are considered to be icons in India have stories related to their past that defines, success is not easy to achieve, dedication and effort with luck play vital role in achieving success.

Amitabh Bachchan:

Let’s gets started with our favourite star, which is tagged as a milestone of Indian Cinema with several achievements in his life, the one, and only Amitabh Bachchan. Making his debut in Saat Hindustani, 1969 he had started his journey in Bollywood.

His career as a superstar begun with Zanjeer, 1972 and continues till today. After completion of his graduation, he started his earning career working as a freight broker in Calcutta. After few years, he decided to try his luck in Bollywood and after thriving for years he achieved success in 1970s.


One of the greatest icons of Indian Cinema, Rajnikant the world famous Tamil Superstar, who even is a renowned actor in Bollywood. The unique styles, actions, and forms of Rajnikant are milestones that have made every Indian crazy.

The history of this famous icon is certainly inspiring. He had started his acting career in few plays as well as worked in Bangalore Transport Services. Starting his professional career as a Bus Conductor for his livelihood, he didn’t ever lower down his interest in acting and pursued Diploma in Acting from Madras Film Institute. After several struggles in his life, he got established as a superstar.

Shah Rukh

The Bollywood Badshah, Shah Rukh Khan, is tagged as one of the gigantic actors in Indian Cinema. Everyone is aware that Shah Rukh had started his acting career in TV serials like DilDariya, Fauji, Circus, etc.

He made his debut in Silver screen in the movie Deewana which lead is career towards getting the tag of Bollywood Badshah. But before starting his acting career, SRK had begun working as a concert attendant; his first work was at the Taj Mahal, and it was the concert of Pankaj Udhas. He was paid Rs 50 for his work.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar, the action king in Bollywood who is well known for doing his stunts on his own is a well-established actor of Indian Cinema. The Khiladi actor is a pro in martial arts. He has gifted Indian Cinema with several hit films.

Akshay with learning his martial arts in Bangkok had worked as a chef and waiter in a restaurant in Bangkok. After that, he started his martial arts classes in Mumbai, and then he initiated for his modelling career after one of his student recommended for it. He even has worked as an assistant for a Photographer without any payment for shooting his first portfolio.

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