ASUS Zenbook 3 Launched – Thinner, Smarter and Advanced Buddy for a Smart Life


The world of notebook witness changes and development every passing day. This development happens in the form of the coming up of new launches like the all new Asus ZenBook 3.

The latest “wow” development in the notebook world is Asus ZenBook 3 which is said to create the high-flying influence for the people looking for experiencing a next generation notebook on their hand.

The Launching Ceremony

At the official event of Asus pre- Computex 2016, the concept of Zenvolution was made public which meant a complete revolution with the coming ZenBook 3. The event officially happened in the Humble House Taipei on the Monday with the release of 3 new products in the portfolio of laptop and tablets.

The new inclusions that will be found are ZenBook 3, Transformer 3 Pro, and Transformer 3. Additionally, all these three gadgets have Windows 10 base which is definitely good news for window lovers.

Features to discover in ZenBook:

  • Designed to be much thinner, lighter, and faster than MacBook, ZenBook 3 is the most incredible creation of Asus launched during the Zenvolution. Simply putting, ZenBook 3 is designed to work faster than Macbook and also found to be much slimmer than it.
  • The features of this newly launched gadget are recorded as the thinnest notebook in the world having an Intel-made stumpy energy dual-core chips – starting from Core i5 to Core i7.
  • RAM of this incredible Notebook is 16GB and having 1TB PCIe SSD which could be faster than SATA Drive.
  • Moreover, the ZenBook 3 offers loads of storage space which starts at 256GB and runs up to a well-brought-up 1TB.
  • For this new development, Asus has opted a silky design and look with an aerospace-grade aluminium alloy with the thickness of 11.9mm frame and is available at 3 colours like Quartz Grey, Royal Blue and Rose Gold.
  • Asus has featured the ZenBook 3 with an eye-catching screen size of 12.5 full HD display equipped with a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 coating.
  • All the three gadgets newly launched by Asus have a line-up with other all-new ASUS products in the display case at the official ASUS showroom located at the Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei World Trade Center. Geeks say it’s a quick replacement for Macbook with its awesome features, incredible design, and much more aspects.

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