All You Need To Know About Burhan Wani And Why Kashmir Mourning His Death?

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Kashmir is mourning! For a 22-year-old commander of Hizbul Mujahideen was killed by Indian Army. This commander was Burhan Wani, who was encountered with other two militants in the district of Anantnag in Jammu & Kashmir. Wani was a popular face in Kashmir and had a reward of 10 Lakhs on his head. Indian security agencies have regarded his encounter as biggest ever success. He was shot dead on Friday evening.

Indian Army Shot 2 Militants Along With Burhan on Friday

Indian Army had information about Wani’s plan to visit his family for celebrating Eid. As he was constantly tracked by Indian Army, Wani was trapped with his two partners by the security forces. Both of the parties exchanged several rounds of bullets, and the house where they were trouncing was bombed which killed 3 of the militants.

Who Is Burhan?

Burhan Muzaffar Wani was born in a Kashmiri family. His father is a headmaster in a local school, and his mother is a post-graduate. In his school days, Burhan Wani used to be the class topper and was a true devote of cricket.

The Reason behind Burhan’s Rage on Indian Army and Government

When Burhan was 15 years old, in the year 2010, he along with his brother Khalid Wani and a friend were riding on a Yamaha FZ bike. It was a regular schedule for Burhan Wani to move around the streets of Tral with his brother. One day the bike was stopped by group of cops who were from Special Operation Group of Jammu & Kashmir.

The cops asked the boys to buy cigarettes for them. Khalid Wani (Burhan’s Brother) went out to fetch cigarettes for the SOG cops. Handing over the cigarettes to the cops the boys were about to leave when the cops charged on them without having any reason. The boys were thrashed very badly. On the spot itself, Khalid went unconscious while Burhan and his friend were able to escape. The cops were not stopped with this they poured their anger on the Yamaha FZ bike which was very close to Khalid.

Seeing this Burhan had yelled out to take revenge of this act. After 6 months of this case, Burhan fled out from his home and had joined Hizbul Mujahideen-the largest Militant group in Kashmir. With his good performances in the Militant group, Burhan got promotions in rank. He was a commander in the Militant group as per the current status before his death. He had recruited around 100 Kashmiris for Hizbul Mujahideen. Being a youngster, he was actively accessing Social Media with an aim to reach the young mass in Kashmir.

Burhan Openly Had Declared War against Indian Army

A video uploaded on 7th June 2016 on YouTube, Burhan had informed the viewers not to promote Indian Laws in the state and if any person found promoting would have to face consequences from the Militant Group.

He approached the Kashmiris through this video for keeping a close watch on activities of State Police and Indian Army’s. He requests the Kashmiris to inform the whereabouts and movements of the cops. He regrets through this video that he doesn’t like to kill his own people in police but as they help Indian Army, he is bound to do so. He points the Indian Army as enemy repeatedly in the video that was of 6-minute duration.

Kashmiris Raised Protest against Indian Government and Army for Death of Burhan

When the news of encounter and Wani’s death was spread all around, hundreds of people had assembled in Wani’s hometown in Tral for raising protest across the valley. The assembled people had participated Wani’s funeral on Friday evening. Many other persons who were not able to assemble at his funeral had performed funeral in South, North, and Central Kashmir. Wani was considered as a rebel by the Kashmiris.

He had the same thought as many other Kashmiris have ‘Ajad Kashmir’ or separate Kashmir from India. Withdrawal of armed forces from the Tral Valley was another of his many wishes. Burhan was considered as an icon as he transparently had revealed his motives for joining Hizbul Mujahideen in spite of coming from a well-educated family.

His rage had multiplied when Khalid was killed by Indian Army when he went to meet his brother. Burhan had openly declared that his primary motive was to drag out the Indian Army from the Valley and establish separate Kashmir.

Aftermath in Kashmir for Burhan’s Death

Burhan Wani’s death has ignited his supporters and mass has come down to road for protesting Indian Army. The report says, around 22 men were killed in the clashes with police and security forces. Because of this, Amarnath Yatra has been put on hold.

The comments section of the video reporting death of Burhan is filled up with positive as well as negative remarks. The non-Kashmiris user-names have filled up the comment box with positive remarks that Wani deserved such death, and similar militants must even be shot down dead. Whereas few people who have patronised Wani as an icon mourn on his death.

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