All New Tesla Models 3 Unveiled Attracting All Eyes On It!

Tesla Model 3
Image : Tesla Official Website

For the Tesla lovers here is fascinating news to know. The All new Tesla Model 3 has been unveiled to inviting the existing owners of Tesla and the crowd that had the potential to buy the model 3. The unveiling of the season 3 model was done along with a large of press, media and followers in the SpaceX headquarters that is situated in Los Angeles, California. CEO of the company Elon Musk took the pride to unveil the Tesla to the crowd and bring it to the notice.


It is believed that the Tesla Model 3 happens to be an electric car that has a lot to talk about and has all the potential to give a tough time to the big tycoons in the market like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. In the year 2017, the Tesla Model 3 will prove its rivalry with BMW series 3, Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class. The kind of electric car at such low price will be the reason of worry to all the firms in Germany and is supposed to be priced at 35 thousand Euros.


Tesla Model 3 will provide the least range of 215 miles with the help of the advanced lithium-ion batteries and the power train that works completely on electricity. Talking about the performance of the car, the Tesla takes just 6 seconds to reach from 0-60 mph. additionally, the CEO stated that Tesla never makes slow cars and gives a smirk with it.

Musk has been planning of the model since the establishment of the company in the year 2006. The objectives behind making this model are as follows.

  • Making a pricey, low volume car that would display the persuasive nature of electric cars.
  • Manufacturing a budget friendly car that would showcase the world about the practicability, usefulness and convenience of an electric car.
  • Keeping the budget affordable so that the car becomes an electric car that would sell in masses.

Features and Looks of the Tesla Model 3:

  • Coming to the looks, the Tesla Model 3 has similar looks as the model S.
  • According to the sources, the Model 3 will have electric gears and tapered ends by shifting the front seats more to the frontal side thus increasing the rear seating space.
  • Tesla Model 3 provides with large boot space in the front and the rear side.

The no grill look of the Tesla Model 3 gives it a fragmentary look from the front but helps in the cause of aerodynamics. The entire crowd present during unveils of the Tesla, along with a lot more outside the event await for 2017 to have a look of the car on the streets.

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