80 Lakh Court Cases Yet To Be Solved: Check Out the Percentages in Different States


Indian Government indeed failed to bring transparency in its judicial system, and this is proved from a recently sourced report. According to that report 20% of 2 crore cases are yet unsolved in different courts.

The constant effort of Indian Government to bring genuineness and precision in legal systems and righteousness conveyance has become unsuccessful with the revealing data of pending cases in High Courts of different States. As per the report of National Judicial Data Grid, more than 28% of the two crore case are pending in subordinate courts for more than five-years.

Shockingly, in all through the Country, a record measure of 21 lakh cases are pending since ten years among which 15 lakh cases are enrolled for criminal exercises. If you ascertain in contrast with the current circumstance, it will take over ten years to tackle all the pending cases.

According to the study, more than 66% of 4 lakh prisoners are of under-trial. Most of them are caged for minor offense and rests of them are unable to afford a lawyer.

Key Highlights of the Report

  • As per the recently presented Government report, counting all the administrative levels of India, around 80 lakh legal cases are pending more than five years as of 31st December 2015.
  • In District and subordinate level, approximately over 62 lakh cases are pending.
  • In High Court, more than 16 lakh cases are pending which is quite surprising and demoralizing for Indian judicial system.
  • More than 66% cases of 4 lakh penitentiary inhabitants are of under-trials, which is really dreadful.
  • In 2014, subordinate courts disposed of 1.81 crore cases which are 4.5% higher than the rate of 2012.
  • In 2104, the total number of pending cases in all over India was 3.07 crore.

The Source of Report

With the aim to make Indian Legal System digitally empowered, the computerized court system was created in last year. Under this e-court guideline, 15,000 courts of the entire country have been connected to NJDG and the High Court of India regularly monitors all the cases. Moreover, the daily updates of e-court are reported to the system which is open for general public.

By calculating all the data available in e-court sites and systems, the shocking news has come to forefront according to which the rate of pending cases is more than the rate of fathomed cases, which is pointing towards the transparency and sincerity of judicial system of the country.

Below you can find percentages of pending cases in different high courts as well as Percentage of pending cases in district and sub-ordinate courts.

Percentages of pending cases in different High Courts

Serial Number States Pending percentage
1 Allahabad 61.7
2 Calcutta 59.3
3 Orissa 48.1
4 Rajasthan 45.8
5 Bombay 45.3
6 Jharkhand 41.8
7 Gujarat 39.8
8 Punjab and Haryana 39.0
9 Madhya Pradesh 38.7
10 Chhattisgarh 37.5
11 Hyderabad 36.2


Percentage of pending cases in district and sub-ordinate courts

Serial Number States Pending percentage
1 Meghalaya 43.6%
2 D & N Haveli 39.3%
3 Gujarat 39.1%
4 Bihar 38.3%
5 Orissa 36.2%
6 Uttar Pradesh 31.0%
7 Nagaland 26.8%
8 Rajasthan 25.8%
9 Chhattisgarh 24.1%
10 Jharkhand 21.2%
11 Maharashtra 20.1%
12 West Bengal 20.0%

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