5 Incredible Nonprofits and the Women behind Them


In today’s World, the female leaders have perceived to be more effective. These female leaders take initiatives with a demonstration of integrity and honesty.

Such factors with the results of the works can’t be found in the males. Such report has been prepared as per a survey by a leadership consultancy. With such power, some women have started making initiatives in the nonprofit sectors.

What Does This Nonprofit Organization Aim To And What Is The Influence Of The Women Leadership?

There are several issues like lack of education and healthcare that exists from centuries ago. The nonprofit sectors focus on eradicating the issues.

It is possible to progress towards success with new innovative ideas and willingness of implying them. Such ideas are being sourced from the women behind the listed organizations and imply it for development and well-being.

With the leadership of women, such organizations are witnessing significant changes and are being established at the world level.

The Top Five Incredible Nonprofit Organizations Which Are Successful For The Women Behind It

  • Jenny Gaither at “Movement Foundation” has proven the significant changes. Jenny Gaither was the instructor of SoulCycle in the year 2010. In her term period, she faced certain uncomfortable situations and had to face them herself with the issues. She was inspired by her personal struggles and started Movement Foundation. This organization empowers young women to bring the confidence back by equipping the tools.
  • “Women for Women International” is a nonprofit organization that supports the ill-treated women in the war affected countries. From the year 1993, this organization has been serving the women equipping them with life, vocational skills and business. Founded by Zainab Salbi, who was just 23 years old, provided the tools to the women, through which they could income and improve their health and life. Zainab Salbi is an Iraqi-American humanitarian and an entrepreneur.
  • “Keep A Breast Foundation” was founded by Shaney Jo Darden, who had committed self to raise the awareness of Breast cancer through art and creative-action sports. This Non-profit organization provides education to the young people and spreading the awareness it supports them.
  • “Special Olympics” a nonprofit organization was established by Eunice Kennedy Shriver aiming to eradicate the mistreatment of the children and people having an intellectual disability. This organization was eventually grown with the effort and idea behind such cause and was established in 1968.
  • “Camp Kesem” is a nationwide community that is headed by the college student leaders which supports the neglected children whose parents are affected by cancer. Iris Rave had established such organization which supports the neglected with innovative and fun-filled programs. With the effective working strategy, Camp Kesem has made it possible to empower more than 6, 642 student leaders who are dedicated to providing camp experiences for many neglected children. With the effectiveness, the parents who are involved believe that Camp Kesem brings a positive influence on their children and they get confident and can increase self-esteem.

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