47 Suspected Terrorists Executed: Saudi Takes the Credit

saudi arabia 47 executed

It has been reported that a total of 47 suspected were executed in Saudi Arabia on the charge of suspicion of them being terrorists according to the interior ministry. This lot included the Shia Cleric named Nimr al-Nimr and the Al-Qaeda affiliated person Faris al-Zahrani.

All the people listed in the lot were already convicted on the charges of being involved in terrorist attacks around the world, as found by a press release report on state TV that was aired today.

The Death Statement of the Shia Cleric

The death statement of the Shia Cleric was confirmed by the Honourable Supreme Court in the month of October. It was reportedly found that Nimr al-Nimr was the man behind the Anti-government protests in the eastern part of the country that happened recently. This verdict of the Supreme Court was condemned strictly by Iran and the country also condemned the execution of Nimr.

Reports say that according to Iran, Riyadh was responsible for executing the people who happen to be the ones opposing terrorism rather than being terrorists. To this, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson of Iran replied that a huge price will be paid off by Saudi Arabia for the policies they follow.

Among the list of people who were executed, was Al- Zahani, who happens to be a high-profile person in the complete list. Zahani was once considered to Saudi Arabia’s most wanted terrorists. He was moreover detained in the year 2004 when he was reportedly found to possess weapons of many kinds, sources said. The complete list of executed people even had an Egyptian national and a Chadian national in them and the rest 45 being Saudis.

What Hussain Al-Shobokshi Wrote About The Incident?

A prominent Saudi columnist, Hussain al-Shobokshi wrote about the incident and told Al Jazeera that the authorities of Saudi Arabia did not differentiate between the Shia source of terrorists and the Sunni source of terrorists but just went on executing them. He also mentioned that Saudi Arabia also saw no difference between any forms of terrorism until and unless it proved to be a threat to the people and the economy of the country. Adding to the story, Hussain also reported them that many people also protested the execution of Nimr and they went on the streets to protest the same but then they were dispersed off by the police of Bahrain by sprinkling tear gas on them.

The news about these executions were made public only after the Amnesty International when Saudi Arabia did an execution of 151 people in the year 2015 that records the maximum number of execution in almost two decades. According to sources, Iran takes the most number of executions but the negative publicity that Saudi gets is its own. The top-ranked countries in the league of number of beheadings read Saudi Arabia, followed by Iran, China, United States and Iraq.

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